2016 WomenActive Trendsetter Awards

Finalists and Award Winners




Program Trendsetter Award (Practices)


Becoming an Outdoors Woman NS (BOWNS) is a non-profit, educational program offering hands-on seasonal sessions to women. The focus is on assisting women to overcome barriers to learning outdoor skills in a supportive environment. The typical format is 3-days, with offerings of 2-4 hours covering a broad range of outdoor pursuits.  All sessions are introductory and required equipment is generally provided. Some funding is available to assist those with limited income to participate. For nearly two decades, BOWNS has introduced hundreds of women to activities which they might not have access to otherwise, that have generally been considered to be the exclusive domain of males.


Patates Actives is a weekly program offered free by the Municipality of Clare Recreation Services to students aged 12-17 at École secondaire de Clare. The objective is to engage girls in non-traditional forms of physical activity, frequently incorporating intergenerational activities. Success factors include a strong mutually beneficial partnership between the school and municipality; a strong leader/mentor who engages the girls in planning and decision making; and a sustainability plan through which girls in elementary school get to participate for a day prior to entering grade 7, as a means of fostering interest.  Program participants have worked with a neighbouring school to create a similar program.


**Sole Sisters Womens’ Race, Li’l Sister Race, & Girls Gone Gazelle Run Clubs are program initiatives of Stacy Juckett-Chesnutt. Sole sister’s is a movement aimed at getting women more active and supporting one another in the process. Annually, Sole Sister’s holds the largest women’s only 5k in Canada. Socials are held throughout the province bringing women together to get walking and talking. The proceeds of the 5K support the Girls Gone Gazelle run club, where there are no financial barriers and participants develop confidence, stress management techniques, and positive body image. This year a shorter run called Li’l Sisters will be included in Sole Sisters’ race day.


YWCA Halifax answered the need to offer physical activity programming in a safe, gender-specific space for girls. Girls Activate is an initiative of YWCA Halifax that endeavours to create supportive physical activity environments by training young women as peer leaders. The YWCA works with diverse women who experience multiple barriers in their lives. They strive to make physical activity accessible, relevant, and empowering for the women in order that they can gain the physical, mental and social benefits of active lifestyles. YWCA Halifax has directly contributed to the HRM Girl Soar’s action plan by working with young women to determine how they would like to participate in physical activity; building leadership; and creating safe spaces for participation.



Program Trendsetter Award (People)


Anchor-City-Rollers-1Anchor City Rollers (ACB) is a non-profit roller derby league with the goals of empowering women and girls, providing entertainment for fans and supporting charitable causes. They do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. All fitness and skills levels, and body types, are welcomed. Because of its novelty and inclusive philosophy, the sport of roller derby, and by extension ACB, acts as a “gateway to sport” for many who have never previously participated and is therefore actively increasing the number of women playing sports in HRM.



InHae-Park-YMCAInHae Park & the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth Centre for Immigrant Programs’ commitment to health and wellness has led to the ongoing development and implementation of programs dedicated to the newcomer population.  The Centre for Immigrant Programs assists newcomers to become more physically active during their settlement process which aids in integration and developing healthy lifestyles.  InHae designed the first Newcomer On the Move programs in the Halifax Region. Today she works with her staff to ensure programs offer relevant skills and experiences for newcomers that weill help them be well in spirit, mind, and body.

Newcomer On the Move programs


Take-it-Outside**Take it Outside Girls! is an initiative of the Nova Scotia Sea School (NSSS) for girls in the South Shore of Nova Scotia, particularly, Lunenburg and Queens Counties. The NSSS recognized the barriers that exist for many girls in rural areas and created an outdoor wilderness adventure program that targets those barriers.  This expedition program includes elements of team building, service learning, expedition planning, and personal and technical skill development. Participants ranging in age of 13 to 17 come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, live in rural areas, and included those who experienced risk factors related to mental illness.  Over half the participants returned to the Sea School in a leadership role, or to participate in further expedition programs.

Take it Outside group



Media Award


Chad LucasChad Lucas is s seasoned journalist who gives voice to underrepresented individuals and issues. He currently serves as editor of the SNS Sport Quarterly for which he prepared the feature article (December 2015) entitled Changing the Game: Aiming for Equity from the field to the Boardroom, in which gender equity issues were identified and discussed. This piece served to raise awareness of issues related to women and girls’ in sport and recreation. The article referenced numerous expert sources, both print and through interviews, which gave credibility to the issues and solutions, and provided readers with sources for further reference.


Gail MacDougallGail MacDougal is the sports editor of the Casket, a weekly newspaper in Antigonish.  For years, she has provided in depth coverage of the sport stories that will be of greatest interest to her readers. Covering both female and male athletes and teams, no local story is ever considered too insignificant to report. Her work has been previously recognized through receipt of media awards from such groups as Atlantic University Sport and the Nova Scotia School Athletic federation. Gail herself has coached and inspired generations of young female athletes in the northern part of the province.


Monty Mosher**Monty Mosher is a freelance sport journalist who frequently provides coverage of female sport in the province, where there has been a relative dearth of reporting of girls and women’s participation. He effectively uses social media as a tool to report results, promote competitions, and communicate with competitors. Yet his print work is comprehensive, often looking beyond the scoreboard for his stories. Such was the case when Dalhousie basketball coach, Carolyn Savoy, was undergoing cancer treatment. He visited her home where he conducted a thoughtful and sensitive interview, and was then able to share the story with her many fans and supporters.



Leadership Trendsetter Award


Hanan DehrabHanan Dehrab was raised in Kuwait, before moving to Canada to pursue her education and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Coming from a traditional, conservative Arab background meant she was discouraged from participating in sport. Having the opportunity to become involved in powerlifting in Canada has shown her that strength and confidence are beautiful, and that there are no limits to what women can achieve. She thrives on challenging the status quo on behalf of young women, and is a role model for other girls overcoming cultural norms and other forms of gendered obstruction that keep girls from pursuing their passion and fulfilling their potential.


Colleen-JonesColleen Jones can be described as iconic given that she is a 6-time Canadian and 2-time world curling champion. Her accomplishments have transcended any marker previously established on the Canadian Curling scene, with an impressive career spanning over 3 decades.  Her work ethic alone has served to break down barriers, and her rise to curling stardom is a result of modeling values similar to Women Active-NS. As much as her opponents may fear her abilities, they admire her sense of fair play.  Colleen has paved a pathway in women’s curling for young females to follow, in order to achieve their potential in sport.


Cindy Tye**Cindy Tye is synonymous with soccer in the province having established an impressive record as a player, as well as a lengthy coaching resume, most recently being named as assistant coach to the U20 women’s national team. She has been instrumental within the soccer community in empowering girls and women to view themselves as competent and capable. She is an exceptional leader and mentor. Cindy embodies the values of WomenActive-NS creating an environment of respect, modelling high ethical standards, and promoting fairness. Cindy is a trendsetter in creating environments where female players and coaches can excel and overcome obstacles in soccer through advocating for flexible childcare, providing mentoring opportunities, and advocating for gender equality.



Trailblazer Award


Peggy Gallant**Peggy Gallant has been engaged in the Nova Scotia sport community for half a century. As a Professor, researcher, administrator, Master Course Conductor, and coach, Peggy has been a consistent advocate for girls and women. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Coaching Association of Canada, serving for a number of years as the Chair. She has been particularly instrumental in building women’s soccer in Atlantic universities. On behalf of women in Canadian soccer in the 1980s, she addressed the Canadian Soccer Association Board requesting that they create a women’s national soccer team. Her dedication and courage has been evident throughout her lengthy career.


June-LumsdenJune Lumsden, in her role as Director of Athletics & Recreation, has been at the helm of the wellness, physical activity and athletics movement at Mount Saint Vincent University for over 30 years. The Mount is committed to the advancement of women and June has modeled the philosophy through decades of determination and insistence that programs are inclusive for women, providing leadership opportunities and encouraging women to participate in sport, physical activity and wellness initiatives. Throughout her career, June has been an advocate of Women in Sport and gives a 100% every day ensuring that the varsity experience is successful and enriching for female athletes and coaches.


Debby-SmithDebby Smith has worked in government, higher education, and the not for profit sector throughout her 40-year career. In each role, Debby has been a clear, consistent, powerful voice for gender equity within the sport, recreation, and physical activity sector. She understands the challenges that females face and has worked tirelessly to develop and implement strategies to reduce these barriers. Debby is extremely skilled in mobilizing and working with others in pursuit of gender equity outcomes. The scope of her related work includes research, education, policy development, and strategic planning/implementation. Debby Smith’s influence has been widespread, holistic, and sustainable with regards to fostering opportunities for females in Nova Scotia.


** 2016 Trendsetter Award Winners


We congratulate all who were recognized through the nomination process. You are all leaders and champions for women and girls in Nova Scotia!


The WomenActive Trendsetter Awards is a celebration and a fundraiser for WomenActive-NS.

WomenActive-NS advocates, educates, collaborates, and promotes meaningful active living experiences and leadership opportunities to enrich the lives of all women and girls in Nova Scotia.