Selection Committee & Process


2016 Trendsetter Awards Selection Committee

  • Gord Tate
  • Isabelle Symington
  • Barbara Hamilton Hinch
  • Janice Cougle
  • Bette El-Hawary
  • Colin Gillis
  • Lesley Poirier McLernon
  • Chair: Cindy Russell


Selection Process

We tried to keep the first selection process as transparent and objective as possible. As such, the selection committee independently assessed each submission, without knowledge of who the other committee members were, and scored against the criteria using a scale of 1-10. The criteria were provided on the website. There were 3 or 4 criteria for each award resulting in a score out of 30 or 40. The selection committee member submitted a form that showed the total score for each submission and their top 3 nominees.

Once every committee member’s scores were submitted, two charts were developed. One chart highlighted the overall score for each nominee, and another bar chart illustrated which nominee had been selected most often as the top 3. The Selection Committee met in person and were provided these charts for review. Nominees were first assessed based on their overall scores. The chart that summarized the top 3 nominees was also reviewed. When ties existed between nominees (and they did), or when there was a discrepancy between the two charts, each of the affected submissions were reviewed again and discussed.

To make the decision between the close/tied nominees, each committee member revealed the nominee that scored higher for each of the 3 or 4 criteria in that award category. The candidate that scored highest the greatest number of times was selected.

We all wished there were more awards to grant as it was very close in several cases.

The selection committee was a diverse group of committed professionals.